Mix and Match

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We have mixed things up here at BBNY. Here in Mix and Match, we have mixed the variety of Pods selections that we offer and placed them in a box. That's right! Best if you want to have a taste of all the flavors available here at BBNY or add a little bit of variety to your sweet tastebuds. Available in box of 20 pieces only. 

Mix One

Nutella Pods, Speculoos Pods, Ovomoltine Pods, Oreo Crush Pods

Mix Two

Nutella Pods, PGM Pods, Suji Nutella Pods, Speculoos Pods

Mix Three

PGM Pods, Suji Nutella Pods, Chocolate Chips Pods, Smores Pods

Mix Four

Chocolate Chips Pods, Oreo Crush Pods, Smores Pods, Speculoos Pods