When all you can do is smile...

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Hi guys. Well it has been a day of unexpected surprises. To be exact, a day of great surprises. We started the day quite early today to make some deliveries and thereafter had our breakfast at Teh Tarik Jurong East. Went home and left again to make more deliveries and off to the in laws place. 

The 2nd half of the day was where the awesomeness began. The husband organized a meet up with some of our old friends. As it was Zulhijjah, one of the friend was fasting and thus we broke fast at KFC Taman Jurong. Whilst at the joint, we had some great discussions on life, what's new and business. This are friends who has been together with us for more than 10 years. I don't consider them friends anymore, they are more like my extended family. We had great memories in years past, the Hari Rayas, the crazy events that they organized and the ad hoc outings that we had. It felt so great catching up with them again. 

We proceeded to our house and that was when the fun began. The husband decided that we should take a video and ask the friends to promote our bakes. Hahaha.. It was so much fun. I have been swamped with orders lately and it felt so great to be out and have so much fun with the friends. It is a welcomed challenge to prepare our customer's bakes, and at the same time, having a great time with friends is also a welcomed distraction. Insyallah more of this please. 

(The great bunch of people)

Baking of course take a lot of effort and care. There is absolutely no 2 way about it. You have to give your best every time that you bake. Thence, when your customers give you great reviews, even on a gloomy day, you will be enlightened knowing that you have placed some happiness into the lives of others. 

We received 2 very great challenging orders today. Alhamdulilah. For a majlis and we are looking forward to start baking them. Till the next blog guys... Happy munching.. 



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