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Hi guys. Well we at Bakes by NY have been quite occupied this week with the Hari Raya Haji orders. We are having great fun here preparing the treats for you and hope that we will not disappoint any of your orders. Insyallah. 

Side track from the bakes, the Head Baker at Bakes by NY, Nazira Yunos undertook the Basic food Hygiene Course and Alhamdulilah successfully got through it. Well this cert might not mean much but by attending this course, we have our customer's interest at heart. We do try our best not to disappoint any of them and learning new things along the way can be quite useful. We might overlook certain things and having learned what is necessary in the F&B business, we always want to be prepared and always looking at ways to improve ourselves. 


The other issue that we at Bakes by NY want to clarify is that Nazira Yunos (Head Baker) deals with all matters in the kitchen. Meaning she bakes and make decision on all matters related to the kitchen. The husband, deals with all matter outside the kitchen. This means marketing, publicizing, managing and protecting the interest of Bakes by NY. We have to understand that the baker is not a baker by profession and she has to go through classes, to learn what she bakes. Thus, the author finds that it is not wise that she, having spent money, time and effort, going through the classes to share her knowledge with others. Stingy? Selfish? Snobbish? Well everyone has their own interpretation. But not only is it unethical (forwarding recipe learned from masters in the field), it also undermine the effort that the baker had placed in taking the effort to learn the recipes the hard way. We would like to clarify that the husband is in charge of all matters that relate to the interest of Bakes by NY. Any decisions, request or correspondences will be replied by him.  We have our customer's interest at heart first. If there are people who wants or have interest in the business dealings of Bakes by NY, you will have to go through the husband. Though kindness is one of the best traits of man, this is one's rice bowl we are talking about. We don't have it easy and things don't come pouring to us from the heavens. God rewards us for the effort that we have put into this. We hope that there are no grievances, no hate and mutual respect. 

Aside from this, we wish to highlight that our Pods has been the best-selling pastries to date. Thus, we are preparing some special promotions after Hari Raya Haji and it will be announced soon. We apologise to those who missed out on our Hari Raya Haji Promotion. Be sure to tune in to our social media channels or our website to learn of the latest. 

Till then.. Happy Munching People.. 


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