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Well it is almost 1am and we almost wrapped everything up here at Bakes by NY. It has been an action packed day today and we enjoyed every second of it. We first and foremostly would like to apologise to those who have emailed, whatsapped or messaged us via social media and have not gotten a reply from us. We will do so as soon as we can. We thank you with all our heart for the enquiries and trust that you have placed in us. We look forward to fulfilling the orders that you have made with us and we will ensure that it will be delivered on time and of the best quality. Touching on this matter, the husband is chipping in more than usual to reply to emails and all enquiries. So if you do look at your instagram and facebook and you see that we have read them but there is no reply, it must be him cos he knows nuts about bakes.. haha.. He must be running to me and asking 'Ma what does this means?' or 'Ape die bebual ni?' haha.. But this is referring to the technical terms used in baking like ganache and stuff. But he is working on it and he will improve in time. 

( Give him chance larr.. haha)

So back to our title '.. the one with the queen'. As most of you would have already seen on our instagram and facebook, we managed, out of the kindness and generosity of Adlina Anis, to cater to her our humble bakes. Well the meet was actually brokered by my sister in law Nurazlin who were friends with her some time back. This is d Adlina Anis and I was starstruck. Although I would get to see her during the time I shop at her boutique (picture on coverpage is taken during the shopping.. don't mind the isetan bag.. #insidegotpokemon), it was really different getting to speak to her. It was our fault not informing her that we were coming today and I did not get to snap a pic with her.. bohooo.. but all in all she is my idol and I hope someday I could emulate her success and her kind personality. 

A million thanks again Kak Adlina Anis for giving us the oppurtunity and if you are reading this, I will not miss another chance of taking a photo with you. NEVERRRR.. haha..

The day continued when we made several more deliveries and back to baking again thereafter. The satisfaction that one gets from fulfilling the request of others could not be explained verbatim with words. I find great joy to be able to deliver every order that is made. Here is another cake that we managed to bake within the melee that was today.

Another excavator themed cake for our same customer only this time it was brought to school, to be shared with his schoolmate. It is the best feeling when you see pictures like this and you could share the happiness of others. 

We managed to secure another event today which is great news and hope that all will go as planned, insyallah. That, and many more things and treats that will be coming your way. Do stay tuned for all the updates here. Till then.. Happy munching everyone.. 

(Well the chef gotta eat right. Mee Bakso at Hajah Maimunah.. hehe)


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