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Hi people. Several things to report today. Firstly, we went 'deliveryman' hunting today. As our orders are burgeoning, it would not suffice for us to keep with our routine of doing the delivery ourselves. Especially when the husband has a full time job and he can only make the deliveries after 8pm. As such, an alternative is needed and we settled for a company called 'Cake Wagon'. They were very friendly and helpful with all our enquiries and insyallah (God Willing), they will start delivering our bakes progressively. Which also means we have to find a formula on how best we could charge the customers as the delivery company charges us a fee as well. Will be considering a few options and will update you guys soon. Secondly, we closed our 'Pods Galore' Hari Raya Haji 2016 Promotion today. 

Alhamdulilah (All Praise be to Allah), the response to our promotion was overwhelming. Having launched the website in conjunction with the promotion, we were glad that 80% of our orders came from the website and we are delighted and humbled at the trust that our customers have in us. Syukran and a million thanks to all that have ordered from us. We look forward to delivering all the bakes to you for you to enjoy them together with your loved ones. 

Now to the topic for today on Economics. Well it is much relevant to us that we understand certain concepts in Economics. Though I studied them sometime back, I do not agree with certain concepts however there are some that are relevant to the business that we are in now and I think it will be beneficial to our readers ever whence they decide to pursue their own business. Here they are. 

(Concept 1)

An example of this is, in relation to the business that we are in, if we have only one oven and the optimum manpower to utilise it is 2 person, if we were to add 3, 4 or more person using the same oven, it would disrupt and slow down the baking process of the entire company. As such, keep your manpower in check where it is at its optimum and do not add on unnecessarily as it will only disrupt the operation of the team. 

(Concept 2)

In this highly saturated market (referring to the baking industry), where numerous sellers are selling the same product, one must have an identity and vision as to how and what he/she wants their company to be. How can they be different from others in the market. For example, a Honda Civic and a Lamborghini both has 4 wheels however the Lamborghini has more appeal to it because of its performance, designs and the image that comes along driving it. This is where we must have an identity and how we want to appeal best to our customers. This is the perceived difference that the customer sees when at the end of the day, they are both cars that gets us from point A to point B. 

The 3rd concept that we want to share is our own and it is called spirit. Have the best planning team, the best professional help you can get but if you do not have the will and spirit to go along with it, whatever endeavour you undertake will always not end up well. It is because hiccups and unfortunate events do happen, and we need to pick ourselves up from there and march on.

Here at Bakes by NY, we are still at our infancy and there is still much to learn. But our morale are high. We have big dreams. Our spirit is made of steel, the same steel that King Dzulqarnain used to seal off Gog and Magog. It can only be broken by the awesomeness and supreme power of our Rabb. We have the same spirit as them 313 man standing at Badr who were underdogs and deemed to lose the battle against thousands.

But then again... everybody loves an underdog...

(the Bakes by NY team)

Till the next blog guys.. Happy munching..

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