Let's finish strong

It's 4am now and we are sleepless here at Bakes by NY. So what do we do? Might as well do up our un-updated blog since September 2016. Hehe. 

Why are we still awake one might wonder? Well putting a 2 years old to sleep is really not an easy job! Well that is one thing. The other one is when you have tonnes of things in your mind, planning for an event. As it has been widely publicized now, we will be involved in Celebfest 2016, from 23rd Dec to 25th Dec 2016 at Suntec City Convention Hall, booth G10. It is our first time participating in an event of such scale, worried, but at the same time excited as well. 

Why are we worried? Well prepare and plan as much as you can, but on the day, mishaps, miscommunication and accidents might well occur. Even after you cover all the angles possible, there is always a tinge of doubt creeping in. Insyallah, we will finish strong with this one. Amin. 

The other part we wish to update is that we have set up shop at No.80 Changi Road #02-39, Centropod. Though the shop is up and running, we are yet to fully utilize the place, considering how busy we are for this month. With that said, being mostly online with our sales, we will surely be preparing to maximise our over the counter sales once all the events are settled. We do apologise for all the enquiries on the opening hours of our shop or enquiries as to whether our shop is opened on certain days when you wish to drop by. We will surely update on our instagram or website when the shop is open. And it will be more frequent after all the dust has settled with the events! 

Alhamdulilah. We have learned alot through this short journey so far that we have. From holding a small events, wedding and what not. Surely we might have done some mistakes, but we are fortunate to take them as learning lessons. Always looking to improve and do better. We have met along the way, dedicated individuals, believing in their brand and products, ( For eg, AdriannaYariqa, VivvyYusof, Nurul Aini, Adlina Anis to name a few). This are individuals who push through boundaries and certainly people that inspire you to do better. We might never reach their heights but it is something good to look up to and aspire to be. 

As a closing note for you reading this. Never be easy to give up on your dreams. There is never a failure when you are chasing your dreams. There are only lessons. One that can help you improve to be a better person. Work hard and never be demoralised by people who do not believe in you. Words do hurt. But what hurts more is regret when you never know what could have been. Dua often and never despair in the mercy of Allah. 


-Bakes by NY 




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